Dears, it is so joyful to celebrate 9 years of “Word of Life Church”! For all these years, for all the services and all the Ministers, for all the hard work and all the givings, for all the help and for all we went through together, we thank you from the bottom of our heart and rejoice before our God, Jesus Christ. Nine years is not a simple number. The Bible reveals 9 fruits of the Spirit and the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Surely, number 9 is the fullness. 9 months a woman bears a child and he is born into this world.

We believe that after this, when we cross the 9 years of the Church, we will have a new start and a new movement, new services will open up and will have new fruits in the Kingdom of God. Indeed, 9 years it’s a RESTART. So let’s Celebrate together this wonderful date and enter the RESTART. The Lord has put in our hearts School of renovation and refreshment, new revelations from God and relationship with Him and with one another. To have a quick Start all together, to have new fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit, we are inviting leaders and assistants to Leadership School , called “RESTART”. Which will begin immediately after the celebration of our 9th anniversary. It’s going to last for 3 months. Teachers will be guests and Pastors of different Churches. We gladly invite all who wish to join us to have a fellowship with us and our Lord, to celebrate with us nine years of the Church and a new beginning in education and serving our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless us all! With love in Christ, Pastor Leonid and Marina Malko!

Word of Life Church Is Now 9 years old. We are getting ready to celebrate 9th anniversary of our church.  Conference opening day is Saturday, January 24th at 7:00 pm.  Please Join us to celebrate our special day.